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Branding is at the heart of Circlebrand, and strong creative is fundamental to our success. We deliver stationery, brochures, prospectuses, exhibition stands, leaflets, posters and billboards for a range of clients across a variety of industries.

We’re also experienced in recommending finishes and paper for print, looking at budgets and ensuring that the final product will work for you.

In addition, we can handle the printing on your behalf taking away the pressure of finding the best quotes and utilising a trusted network of printers we’ve built relationships with over many years.

Logo Design

Your logo is part of who you are so, therefore. It’s highly valuable to know that Circlebrand designs the key logo to your business. We don’t make excuses, we build what you don’t have yet, your image that strikes directly in the hearth of your customers, making it a friendly, yet a robust signature for your business.

Packaging Design

While the primary role of packaging is to protect and preserve your products, well-designed packaging gives you a valuable opportunity to project your brand and to engage with your customers further. It is much easier to sell to an existing customer, so don’t pass on this opportunity to boost your growth. Consider the packaging of your products carefully and make the most of the space!

Corporate Literature & Brochure Design

Corporate literature is a cornerstone of innovative brand building strategies. With sufficient consideration it can effectively convey your organisation’s core messages and personality, reinforcing what your brand is all about. Printed literature including letterheads, flyers, and business cards; and online literature including websites and emails; should be consistent and collectively underpin your brand identity.

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